We’re FULL!!!!

Our Outer Circle bus for 11-11-11 is full.

Yes we’re sorry to say that our 11 bus on 11-11-11 is full, but if you want to go on our reserve list or if you want to know about plans that we may have for 2012, please send an email to outercirclebus@1066.uk.com with permission for us to keep your details on file, and we will get in touch. You can also let us know by sending a “comment” with your name, email address & any other details.

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1 Response to We’re FULL!!!!

  1. Mrs Diane Worwood says:

    If there is any cancellations could we be considered? We would require two places, My phone number is 01922 456385 e-mail dcworwood@hotmail.com. thank You

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