Our Outer Circle Tour on the 21st of September 2012

Our Outer Circle Tour on the 21st of September 2012

On our Outer Circle Tours we auction off a pair of front seats on top (the most coveted ones!). This time round the seats were bought by the lovely Beverley from Broadway for her parents Nigel & Barbara Edwards. Thank you Beverley. Here are the photos that Nigel took – we all had a great time – as you can see:

The Edwards girls whooping it up on the top deck!

Eddie Bond our conductor looking very happy, in spite of the fact he’s got our very excited passengers to deal with!

Mike, our driver getting ready for 26 miles of Outer Circle driving.

Organisers Pam & Dave having a quick cuddle before we set off…………..

Mike – safe in his cab.

Mike & Eddie taking a well earned break whilst guarding the bus at Tesco in Witton!

The Edwards girls again – remembering how they used to ride on the platform – naughty!

Beverley – taking charge of the best seat on the bus – well she did pay for it!

The top deck passengers waiting with bated breath for the next part of the tour – ding-ding!

Find out when our future Outer Circle Tours are taking place by going to our home page or getting on our mailing list.

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