Our “Cotswolds” Tour on 19th June 2012

The “Cotswolds” Tour on 19th June 2012

Our Midland Red S16 bus 5545 at Wythall ready for our passengers

All aboard the “Skylark”! [with thanks to Ken Harris]

The passengers on our Cotswolds Tour waiting for the steam train at Cheltenham Racecourse

5545, Malcolm & Mike at Cheltenham Racecourse [with thanks to Dave Parkes]

Bus & crew at Chelteham Racecourse [with thanks to Phil Hodges]

Ours hosts on the GWSR at Cheltenham Racecouse Station – including the Cheltenham Town Crier

Our passengers at Cheltenham Racecourse Station watching our locomotive ex-LMS Stanier 2-8-0 no 8274 taking on water before running round the train

8275 about to run round the train at Cheltenham Racecourse Station [with thanks to Dave Parkes]

8274 ready for the off! [with thanks to Phil Hodges]

And now we’re on the train to Winchcombe with our “host” – the Cheltenham Town Crier [with thanks to Ken Harris]

5545’s wonderful backside at Winchcombe [with thanks to Ken Harris]

Waiting for the fountain to play at Stanway [with thanks to Phil Hodges]

Stanway House near Toddington – the second stop on our “Cotswolds” Tour [with thanks to Richard Thornett]

Another shot of Stanway House [with thanks to Dave Parkes]

The gateways and courtyard at Stanway House [with thanks to Phil Hodges]

The magnificent fountain at Stanway House

Stanway Fountain from the east [with thanks to Dave Parkes]

The magnificent gateway at Stanway House [with thanks to Ken Harris]

5545 unloading at Broadway [with thanks to Phil Hodges]

Coming back to pick us up from Broadway [with thanks to Phil Hodges]

5545 our Midland Red bus back at Wythall with conductor Malcolm, Pam our host & driver Mike

Thanks to Ken Harris we have a few videos taken on our Cotswolds Tour for you to see. Click on these links to see the videos on YouTube:

The Town Crier at Winchcombe: http://youtu.be/TnVLF-lotp0

Stanier 8F running round the train at Winchcombe: http://youtu.be/wJrzyq5p-z8

We’re on the bus on the way to see Stanway Fountain: http://youtu.be/Tsk0dGTmVJE

The magnificent fountain at Stanway: http://youtu.be/ee91EheRToU


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