Outer Circle Tour 26th September 2014


Thank you for a lovely trip last week. We all thoroughly enjoyed it-your commentary was excellent. I don’t know how you manage to coordinate it so well in time with the movement of the bus! The weather was just perfect too and the chance to see the old buses at the end an extra treat.

Many thanks to both of you.

Cathy Grimmitt


Cotswolds Tour – 17th June 2014


I meant to email before now to say a big thank you for yesterday’s excellent trip. Thoroughly enjoyed by Angela and me and our friends. I think I noted most of the additions to the running commentary!

No really exciting photos of our trip yesterday, but the attached may be of interest. If you wish feel free to use at will. (Look out for the swan’s bottom in our blog page about 17/6 – DH)

Again thanks to both of you for a brilliant day out.

Every good wish

Nigel and Angela


Just back home after a wonderful day. Thank you so much for all the effort and hard work you obviously put in beforehand.

David – we love your commentary

Pam – expert at making sure we are in the right place at the right time

What a team! – All the best 

Carl & Jayne Bayliss


Just a big,big,big thank you for the tour today, we had a great time, very relaxing, even putting up with David’s wittering !!!

Long May you reign

Jeff and Sheila xxx


Hello David, thanks for a superb day today.

Thanks again,

Robin Draper


Outer Circle Tour – 27th September 2013:



We very much enjoyed our trip with you on the outer circle last September.

I just wanted to let you know that my father remembers hearing the tram crash into the shop at the bottom of Bredon Hill/Fordhouse Lane.  He was living at the time at 12 Windsor Road and could see the accident from his window.  Also at the time, during the war, his Mother was a conductress on the Trams and I think the 1st female to wear trousers to work (and was sent home for it) then they later allowed it I think. 

With best wishes – Ann Worrall


Hi David –  I really enjoyed the tour, thanks. It was such a nice day too. From research into my website and books, I know how much effort you must have put in to the commentary. There is almost too much history to fit in as we go around. The north-east part of the tour was really interesting as it’s part of Brum I’ve never had reason to go to. Soho Road looks like somewhere I should explore in the future. Many thanks for the donation to Asthma UK. It really is much appreciated.

Best Regards Mark Norton


Dear Pam and David, Just a line to thank you so much for the brilliant tour you laid on round the Outer Circle last Friday. I enjoyed it enormously, not least because of your superbly informative commentary, David; I felt I learned so much about Birmingham history that I’d never heard before. Also, of course, riding aboard the Guy Arab was something special – so much nostalgia from my schooldays growing up in Brum.

All in all, a really memorable day and I hope to be able to join you for a similar tour some time in the future (talking of which, had you considered doing a tour linking the sites of some of the former BCT garages?!?).

Thank you both again for a great day.

With all best wishes – Tim Austin


Thanks for an excellent tour today.

Regards – Dave Wharton

Outer Circle Tour – 20th September 2013:


Many thanks again for the great tour I did with you on Sept 20th. Besides the pleasure of travelling on the wonderful Guy Arab IV  and seeing parts of Brum that I’d never really known before, I found the commentary absolutely fascinating and I learned a lot of history about my native city! Yes please for next year!

All best wishes – Tim Austin

08/10/2013 – letter sent to The Transport Museum Wythall

Just a quick letter to say how much we enjoyed our no11 day trip with you aboard 2976 on September 20. Once again David & Pam provided us with an excellent tour map accompanied by a most absorbing commentary. Our bus was so well driven and quite comfortable, bringing back many memories. However we did miss flavours associated with upstairs travel in earlier years, ie clouds of fog generated by Players, Capstan and Woodbines mixed with that unique fragrance emitted by several plastic mackintoshes and a damp and soggy morning. We were also impressed by the very high standard of the bus restoration achievements. The bus looked immaculate, more than one can say about some of the current National Express vehicles one encounters today.

We look forward to future excursions next year!

Yours sincerely – Ian Moffatt


Dear David & Pam. Just to say a big thank you for the Outer Circle trip last Friday. It was such a nice end to the trip for Angela to have a chat with Malcolm afterwards.
I hope to photograph 2976 next week. We live near to The Old House at Home and it should look good climbing up the Lordswood Road, hopefully shortly after 1.00pm!
Hope your trip goes really well and that you have a full house.
Looking forward to the next time we ride with you.

Very best wishes – Angela and Nigel Collingwood


Dear David and Pam – Just to say a huge thank you, both to you and the other volunteers, for the most enjoyable outing on Friday.

The bus was superb and your commentary absolutely fascinating. I am not a Brummie, but do enjoy learning about the history and heritage of our Country and you certainly brought this trip to life. As you said, much to absorb, but a wonderfully painted overall picture of everything we saw. You must have spent many hours doing your research David – hours well spent – and it was a joy to be able to hear every word.

Sitting where we were, we could only marvel at the sheer strength the drivers of those buses needed to negotiate even the slightest turn – not to mention the roundabouts!

The maps you handed out were very detailed and can be enjoyed for many hours after the trip itself is just a happy memory

Thank you – Janet and Wendy


It was nice to meet David again and Pam on Friday. It seems everything was perfect for our trip – not only did it not rain, but the sun came out for the second half after our comfort/lunch break. Everything went like clockwork – I even got my favourite seat under the stairs. The map and the commentary were both informative and entertaining. As a former Hodge Hill resident, I knew most of the places on the first part of the trip on the eastern side and remember all too well many of the factories now gone, and I have drunk in the Lad in the Lane pub, but did not know its age/history or former name. I had not realised though how much the new Tesco at the Swan had changed things – the new road around their huge car park came as a bit of a surprise. I was not so familiar with the west side – having only visited one or two places – like Bournville. I was also impressed how quickly we got round, the traffic seemed quite light and there were not many queues at major bottlenecks, but I also noticed that most people will let an old bus through – like at six ways Erdington.

Regards – Keith Thursfield


Hi David & Pam – Thank you for a wonderful experience today.

 Kind regards – Carl & Jayne

Cotswolds Tour – 25th June 2013:


Pam and David – Thanks for a really enjoyable trip yesterday, even the weather was good to us. [See Mike’s photos HERE]

Regards – Margaret and Mike 


We enjoyed ourselves hugely – thanks (and admiration!) for all the work that went into organising the trip. We are hoping to join you for the Outer Circle outing on 27th September.

Again, many thanks.

Liz and Alan.

Cotswolds Tour – 18th June 2013:


Love the ladies hats! Just like Ascot! [Click HERE]

John Miles – Nailsworth


Thoroughly enjoyable day, we travel with a few bus companies throughout the year with their daily trips and John and I both agree the 11 route last year and this weeks Cotswolds  has been the best. Thank you both for all your time and hard work you put in to provide us with such enjoyable days, with the added bonus of us continuing our own research on our local history.

Sue Worley


Thanks for a great day out last Tuesday.

Best wishes – Gill Swann


Outer Circle Tour – 27th September 2012:


We enjoyed the trip on Friday.  It brought back so many fond memories of travelling on Birmingham ‘standards’ when they were in operation.  Many thanks again.

Kind regards –  Marcus Cole


We had such a great time yesterday and we are all agreed we hope we can make it on to the Cotswolds tour.

Regards – Joan Wynn


Sorry no pictures but it was still a good day, thank you very much for organizing it.

Regards – Jim Woolliscroft


Thank you for a wonderful tour. Looking forward to further trips.

Kath Smith


We enjoyed our Outer Circle Trip enormously.  Thank you for such a well organised trip and excellent commentary.  I learnt so much more about the route and the historical facts were fascinating.  John left today and he said to pass on his thanks, he was so pleased that it coincided with his visit to us.

Many thanks for a lovely day – Marion

Outer Circle Tour – 21st September 2012:


We would all like to thank you for a memorable and enjoyable day on the 21st, despite the weather – which we think you could have organized better . . . ho,hum!

The ‘ALL’ being my lovely Daughter Beverley, Sister-in-law Pat (who arranged it all for us) Pat’s friend Dorothy and us two. We are back in cold and miserable North Yorkshire and looking forward to our next outing with you two.

Our best wishes for all your future endeavors – I’m sure I speak for all our fellow passengers when I say you do (and did) a truly great job.

Kind regards – Nigel  & Barbara  Edwards

Cotswolds Tour – 26th June 2012:


We had a most enjoyable time on on the Cotswold Tour, especially as the weather was so good unlike today’s thunder, lightening, etc. Your running commentary on the bus was very interesting. We also met some very nice people. Would like to hear of any other trips you organise. Have also passed details to friends who are also keen ,      

Thank you, Sheila Wills


Dear David, many thanks to you and Pam for a great day out last Tuesday. I know that you both put in a lost of time and effort to make it a success. I really enjoyed the day, as I am sure did everyone else. I hope the enclosed photographs are useful to you to keep as a reminder of your efforts on the day. Once again thanks to you both, looking forward to 21st September.

Regards – Phil Hodges

[Go to our Gallery to see some of Phil’s Photos – D]


Dear David and Pam. We’d just like to say thank you for organising such a wonderful day out.  Amanda and I had an absolutely cracking time and a bloody good laugh into the bargain, with some truly lovely people..We’re definitely up for another No11 tour and anything else you care to organise. I’m sending some photos – there should be the Bus, the Train and a truly magical picture of the Stanway House Fountain which I took whilst losing my sandal in a quagmire alongside the lake!!

Yours Most Sincerely Dave and Amanda Parkes..XX

[Go to our Gallery to see some of Dave & Amanda’s Photos – D]

Cotswolds Tour – 19th June 2012:


Dear David & Pam

Thank you for a wonderful trip last Tuesday. Your planning and coordination was exemplary (very professional) and you were perfect hosts (right down to Pam’s box(es) of sweets, your pre-run to prepare a running commentary and the A3 picture-map you produced). The day will be a lasting memory for me; thank you both.

I must also say that the ‘trippers’ were a good group and the Museum’s driver and conductor worked hard to fill their roles to perfection.

Keep up the good work and Best Wishes for your future endeavours.



Hi David and Pam,

Just to say what a great day out we had. I have attached some photo’s we took on the day and hope you can use some of  them. Look forward to next years trip.

Best regards – Janet and Richard Thornett

[Go to our Gallery to see some of Richard’s Photos – D]


Many thanks for a wonderful 19th June!! We enjoyed every minute. You have a superb team. Looking forward to the Outer Circle adventure.

Kath Smith and Jenny Bridgwater


Mom and Dad, Gwen and Eric Upton, had a lovely time thanks so much.

Regards – Wendy Kelly

Outer Circle Tour – 21st September 2012:

30/04/2012 11:20

I would just like to say thanks for organising this, my parents had a wonderful time.  They really enjoyed it and apparently had the best fish and chip lunch in Tesco!

Thanks again – Michelle

Outer Circle Tour – 27th April 2012:

30/04/2012 09:02

Many thanks for a lovely day out last Friday, we thoroughly enjoyed it; and also many thanks for letting Lilian live her childhood dream.

It appears that you had a good result with the charity bucket, thanks for letting us know the total, Lilian was chuffed with it!

Please find attached a few photographs of the day if you would like to use them.

 Kind regards –  Brian and Margaret – Lilian and Geoff

28/04/2012 09:24

Thank you for a lovely day out yesterday.

The weather wasn’t good ,but it was obvious you had both worked hard on making the experience one to remember,keep up the good work !!

Regards – Lesley and Ken Davis

27/04/2012 22:10

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable tour and excellent commentary. All three of us had a good time in spite of weather and we’re glad you raised quite a lot for charity and the museum.

Many thanks – Elaine, Ken and David

27/04/2012 16:41

Many thanks for organising the trip today.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and enhanced my knowledge of North & NW Brum, as well as filling in some other facts.
Best wishes to you –  Alison Exton

Outer Circle Tour – 11th November 2011 (11-11-11):

25/11/2011 12:20

I was a passenger on the recent No.11 bus trip and would like to thank you for organising.  It was truly wonderful and I can’t say enough of how much I enjoyed it. 

I was born in the fifties and remember when I was quite young, probably seven or eight, that my mum packed a picnic and  took me on the Outer Ring Road bus trip.  It was especially exciting as I grew up on the North side of the city, Great Barr, so it was a whole new experience to travel on the South side.

Just this summer, I went with a friend to visit the Wythall Transport Museum and just loved all those historic vehicles.  I have always had a passion for the old style buses so it was like a dream come true when I learnt of the trip you had planned.

I look forward to more planned trips and keep my fingers crossed that I will be lucky enough again to take part.  Best wishes – Lynne Tookey

24/11/2011 15:49

Many thanks for all your hard work in setting up the No 11 trip.   It bought back lots of memories from my childhood when my sister and I would go on a trip round this route when we visited Handsworth Cemetery to put flowers on our grandmother’s grave during school holidays.

Looking forward to hearing of other trips you may have planned in the future –  Celia Peach

22/11/2011 18:36

Your trip on old outer circle 11 bus sounded just great, we missed out on that!We hope we can make it on any other nostalgic trips that may be in the pipeline!! – Maureen Price

16/11/2011 16:40

15/11/2011 19:53

Most enjoyable, better than anticipated, well researched commentary. One complaint – I lived on the 11 route on Yardley Road, Acocks Green for 27 years and could easily have been upset not to get a mention, after all Messrs Hancock and Carrott did. Very well done, thank you. – Ivor Enock

15/11/2011 11:33

Hi Pam & Dave – Just to say what a fabulous time the 4 of us had on 11/11/11.
From start to finish, everything was planned & timed with much attention to detail, from the warm welcome by Pam, to Dave’s extremely well researched & brilliantly timed commentary.
All those aboard were in great spirit & the crew from the Transport Museum were having a great time too!
Thanks for putting in so much time & effort, to make it such a great fun & really interesting day.
Wendy, Tony & Joan Massey   Anita Ludlow

Tues 15/11/2011 11:08

Thoroughly enjoyed the Outer Circle experience. Thank you both for all your hard work and especially David for the brilliant commentary as we drove around. I mentioned the trip to friends who used to live in Birmingham and they WALKED the route with a local youth group many moons ago! No that’s not a suggestion for the future!! – Marian

Mon 14/11/2011 20:02

A very enjoyable and well planned trip and looking forward to future dates. – Dave Bowers

Mon 14/11/2011 18:55

Hi David & Pam – Many many thanks for making my 65th birthday so memorable, we thoughtly enjoyed the trip, the driver was splendid, perhaps some of today’s drivers could take a leaf out of his book, your knowledge was fantastic and very informative, I know you said you had got it of the internet, but it was perfectly timed. I am sure the two of you have put in many hours arranging it. We would like to know in future of any further events. Thank you. – Janet & Ray Mabbott     Dave & Lorraine Faulkner

Sat 12/11/2011 11:05

Hi Dave and Pam – Just to let you know how much we enjoyed yesterdays trip, we also thought what a complete success you made of it. We will endeavour be keeping an eye out for anything you may hold in the future, also just to say how interesting you made with your commentary.
Once again many thanks and kind regards – Dave and Myra Bowers

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  1. wendy massey says:

    Hi Pam & Dave
    Just to say what a fabulous time the 4 of us had on 11/11/11.
    From start to finish, everything was planned & timed with much attention to detail, from the warm welcome by Pam, to Dave’s extremely well researched & brilliantly timed commentary.
    All those aboard were in great spirit & the crew from the Transport Museum were having a great time too!
    Thanks for putting in so much time & effort, to make it such a great fun & really interesting day.
    Wendy, Tony & Joan Massey
    Anita Ludlow

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