The Talks

We are now giving talks to local history groups and other interested folk. The talk is entitled “A Virtual Tour of The Outer Circle” and lasts about an hour and a 15 minutes. It accompanied by over a hundred slides. If you are involved with such a group, or know some one who is, then you can contact us by emailing or clicking on the “Comments” tab below this message.

Just think – a two and a half hour journey in 75 minutes! Great, isn’t it?


We also have three more talks that may appeal to you. They all last between one hour and one hour 15 minutes and are accompanied by slides:

“How We Got Here” – the story of back to back housing in Birmingham. Find out what was happening in the Town of Birmingham in the 18th & 19th centuries that led to half the population living in these tiny houses – and about their disappearance.

“A Brief History of the Birmingham Hippodrome” – find out about the ups and downs of this Birmingham icon that led to it becoming the most visited theatre in Britain.

“BCT, The Coffin Works and Beyond” – this is an opportunity to find out about the Birmingham Conservation Trust who were behind schemes to save many of Birmingham’s treasured buildings. This includes the story of Newman Brothers the Coffin Works in Fleet Street which is now run as a well respected heritage attraction.

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