What about 2014?

Well, we’ve had to get off to a rather cautious start to 2014 as David has had a hip replaced in January. This is a fairly common operation nowadays but as many folk know it can mean being on crutches for anything up to three months. We are geared up to run our tours on 50 or 60 year old buses which were never designed for the convenience of anyone clattering about with mobility aids. In fact travel on modern public transport would probably be a challenge for anyone with two crutches!

So we have decided to hold off making our plans until March or April so that we can assess the patient’s progress before embarking on any tours in 2014. At the moment our thoughts are to possibly run a “Cotswolds” tour in June then an Outer Circle tour in September. We have already had requests from people wanting to book on these and we are starting to compile a list of those that have shown an interest.

In spite of the fact that we have not got any specific dates planned, if you would care to get in touch to indicate interest in our tours during either of these months you can email us at: info@OuterCircleBus.com

If you have an overwhelming desire to see or travel on old Birmingham or Midland Red buses you can always go along to the Wythall Transport Museum where there are over a hundred old buses to look at. On Bank Holiday weekends you can take short journeys on the buses around the lanes in Worcestershire & Warwickshire. To find our more about Wythall’s event weekends click HERE or on the photograph below.

Visitor Scene

In the meantime please keep in touch and we hope that we will be able to bring a bit of that old public transport nostalgia to life for you later in the year.

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